Who we are

Waldek Jaszczak

Co founder

Co-founder of U-bik Team. Born in 1975, studied history at the University of Szczecin. Jack-of-all-trades, calling himself an artisan. Possessing vast knowledge of and skilled in creation of SF book universes, also a game master and story designer in CRPG. Used to teach children real darkroom technology at its height. Camera Obscura has become his secondary tool – a fixer in the process of taming the light, which absolutely submits to him, becoming the studio-present embodiment of his imagination. He livens up a static scene with mostly his own unique patents. Classic approach to photography prevents him from overuse of and often leads to total exclusion of digital photo processing software from his creative photo operations, which, among others, makes him a perfect merchandise photographer.

Noil Branc

Co founder

Born in Poland in 1978. Studied philosophy at University of Szczecin under the academic supervision of Prof. Wojciech Krysztofiak and Prof. Aleksandra Żukrowska. The focal point of his initial philosophical interests included Husserl’s and Heidegger’s phenomenology programs, as well as historical roots of cognitive sciences. It constituted basis for further studies on the mind philosophy and initiation of artificial intelligence system design program, with participation of scholars and students of the Szczecin University of Technology. Mentee of Wojciech Jabłoński – Polish photographer. His art activity has become the means of expression in the above said domains. It includes construction of conceptual art which models cognitive processes in their phenomenological aspect, study of syntax and semantics of utterances responsible for generation of aesthetic judgment in images (eg. photographic), musical pieces and mixed media techniques. He is also interested in classic photography, art nude and news style. Used to work as a freelancer, at present contributor to the creative collective U-bik Team, realizing orders within photography, graphic design and musical composition. Blog: http://noilbranc.wordpress.com

Leszek Krawczyński

Photographer / graphic designer

Born in Poland in 1978. Musician, active drummer for 20 years, former choir voice. Co-founder of U-Bik Team and Out of Mind (rock band) member. Invaluable gold mine of ideas, with skill in scenography and photography, who brings life to static images and puts the final shape on the scene in creation. Hair and make-up stylist of models responsible for outstanding creations.

Maja Konarska


Maja Konarska was born in Szczecin in 1973. She comes from an intelligentsia family. When she was a little girl, she already showed great interest in music and fine arts. It would not be anything extraordinary (practically every little girl catches the art bug), but she graduated from a music school in piano performance, as well as from Secondary School of Fine Arts in Szczecin (art of exhibitions). Despite graduation from a Secondary School of Fine Arts, she got involved more in music, especially performing and composing songs. With her band called Moonlight she recorded 11 albums, where she co-composed music at first and later also wrote lyrics. Her musical adventure finished in 2007 (though she occasionally records with befriended bands) and since then she has developed her photographic as well as hair and make-up styling skills. She has photographed mainly beginner models (so-called first portfolio) and worked as a wedding photographer. She started cooperation with U-bik Team in early 2011 as a hair and make-up stylist and photographer.


Programmable machine

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